About E-Way

Welcome to E-Way: All 4 electric boats
The place where innovations and alternatives in electric propulsion systems find boat enthiusiasts and professionals all over Europe.

Who is Thijs and why did I set up E-Way? 
I am a bit obsessed with electric boating. Both my background as an electrical engineer and my life among boats are at the root of this passion.

Professionally, I work for the EU+UK distributor of one of the founders of electric boat propulsion.
The longer I am active in this sector, the more I discover that a limited number of brands dominate the market.
Yet, there are plenty of new brands with great technologies. Many of them never get past the start-up phase. Often not because the product is inadequate, but for other reasons. Competition is tough...
With E-Way, I want to offer brands that deserve it a fair chance.

It is my mission to highlight innovation that is worth the investment, and why, to boat enthusiasts and professionals. I validate my recommendations by testing all the products E-Way offers and share my findings here. The focus is on quality and affordability (price/quality). 

Beside the products in the webshop there is a lot more technology I can offer thanks to my professional experience: From custom-made Lithium battery packs and hybrid propulsion systems to electric outboard motors for high-speed boats up to 180 HP.
Me and my business partners will be happy to consult on fleet electrification, on-board renewables, theoretical modelling (power usage, performance) and installation drawings/diagrams.
So, don’t hesitate and use the contact button to tell me about your questions on electric boating. I am sure I can help.

Keep on rockin' in the blue world,


E-Way is...

  • Brand independant

  • Affordable

  • Self-tested quality guarantee

  • Personal & responsive

  • Innovative

  • Circular