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INBOARD 10kW - DIY (Budget)

INBOARD 10kW - DIY (Budget)

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The DIY electric inboard allows every budget to switch to electric propulsion.
This product includes everything you need to start sailing (except for the batteries).
1) Allign and couple the motor with your prop shaft (the flexible coupling you can source locally, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions).
2) Install the motor controller on a wall
3) Connect the wiring harness to the motor and battery pack and you're good to go

The webshop has several battery packs that are suitable for this outboard (check the package deal below).

My personal comment
"This kit is really fun to install. The price for this amount of power is just insane.
Colour has now changed to Gray which was more durable!
If you would have any questions about this product, feel free to contact me."

Technical data:
  • Battery voltage - 48 V
  • Rated Torque - 80 Nm
  • Suggested horsepower replacement range: 15 - 30 HP
  • Max Torque - 160 Nm (90 sec)
  • Rated current - 204 A
  • Max current - 400 A (90 sec)
  • Phase current - 112 A
  • Rated Power - 10 kW
  • Rated speed - 1200 RPM
  • Weight - 38.5 kg
  • Efficiency - up to 95%  (attached you can see the efficiency map)
  • Cooling: Convection (AIR)
  • shaft and dimensions: see pictures (customized shaft is possible on demand)

* 2 Years manufacturer's warranty

Price including motor controller and setup (1.235,00 EUR)!

Suggested battery packs for this motor:

Light: 10kWh (80kg if lithium) - 1 hour at full throttle / >4 hours at half throttle
My advice: If you are not sure if this will be enough for your boat, you can add another battery later (parallel connection).
Long: 15kWh (120kg if lithium) - 1.5 hours at full throttle / >6 hours at half throttle
My advice: This is actually more than enough for 90% of all boaters.
Extreme: 20 kWh (120kg if lithium) - 1.5 hours at full throttle / >6 hours at half throttle
My advice: You can put up to 4 pieces of a 5kWh battery in parallel for higher capacity! Higher capacities are available on request.

Delivery times (from the Netherlands):

EU - United Kingdom:
35 days*

* This product will be manufactured on your order placement

Update: the 20kW version is also available now, replacing inboards up to 45 HP. Please contact me if you need this motor as it's not available on the webshop yet. 

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